Padre Pio Mass and K1 Racing

Mass was a double whammy yesterday, since not only it was Padre Pio Mass along with confessions and relics, but also it was the Mass of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Anyone care to comment on the sermon?

I had never imagined Our Lady with the innocence of a child but with full knowledge and reason. I guess it is somewhat implied; however, it hasn’t been a part of my meditations until today.

Anything strike you?

After Mass we had a quick snack and headed over to K1 racing for a little speed fix, can’t really describe it, probably better if you watch it, so, check out the video below:

All in all, a good day,

God Bless you all.

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What movie should we watch?

For our meeting/movie night on Feb 27th.

Poll will be closed February 20th

The option with the most votes will be the only one we’ll watch. Cast your vote or settle for what others decide for you:

Christmas Party 2015-16

Order of the day:

• Rosary

• Dinner

• Christmas Jeopardy

• White Elephant

• Cheese Ball game


What can I say, we had so much fun, that we forgot to take pictures, Here is the only one I have of the evening, the winning team for Jeopardy “The ’62 missaltoes”

The '62 missaltoes

Hope you guys had as much fun as I did,  don’t be a stranger, leave comment!

Or share your pictures on our Facebook group.


The need for speed

That’s right, popular petition brought us to this moment, and those who felt competitive got their fill.

Even thought it turned out way more expensive than it was supposed to be (my fault mostly, sorry about that) all the bumping and tire burning made it so worth it.

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We have the regular meeting this Saturday, see you then 🙂

1591 feet above sea level and other hikes

The plan is to build up to the harder hikes in the area,

First stop: Torrey Pines


I promise they were not posing for the picture above, it was actually candid.


The whole group.

Then we headed to Sammy for a nice crunchy pizza. Gotta recuperate the burned calories right?

Second stop: Cowles Mountain.

This one had a totally different crowd, brave souls that embarked with me to climb the highest peak in the city. And did you see that sunset?

You will be glad to know that we didn’t have any close encounters with rattle snakes.

As we walked down, since we had the trail all for ourselves, we prayed the Rosary without interruptions, Thank you Grace for taking the initiative on that; and thanks all for coming and making it a great hike 🙂 sorry for those who missed it and the In-N-Out afterwards.

Next hike? Iron Mountain,

Stay tuned for the details on that.