YAG in action

“We offer this corporal work of mercy for the souls in purgatory…”

It all started with Holy Mass, offered during the novena for all souls, what better way to start an evening? There was a chance for confession, pretty healthy line for a Friday night.

Once Mass was over, and the prayers to St. Anne were said, we tried to organize the work ahead, given that this is the first time any of us helped deep clean the church, there were many questions, and confused looks, I guess the best way to learn something is just to start doing it and so we did.

Father Masutti started us of with a prayer, of which the above quote was taken; and to work we go…
Fast forward some washing, oiling, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, moping, furniture moved there and back again and some sweat later,


as you can tell by Juan’s expression, our beautiful church was ready for Sunday.

Check that shiny floor!WSG_7134

And here is a special treat those who clean every month get:


even at night the shinny floor shows!

After so much hard work we needed nourishment, (FOOD!!!) I could say we were pleased with the night, what do you say?Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Shameless plug:

There are two cleaning guild teams that need more people to help them clean once a month, one cleans every first Friday of the month and one cleans every third Friday of the month, if you would like to volunteer on a more permanent way, contact Maria Kuss her e-mail can be found on the Parish’s website: under groups, click on cleaning guild.

Some links of interest:

These are derived from some of the conversations sparked during dinner.

http://www.traditionalsermons.com/- all of the Sunday sermons at our Parish are recorded and posted on this website, if you would like to listen to one of them again head over there, they are organized by date and have a small description to make it easier to find.

http://tatren.tripod.com/lame/riddles.htm- I’m thinking of those who need to expand their repertoire when it comes to riddles… Maybe you will find the ones you told last night, I would love to know if you do.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into this, may God reward you.

All the pictures seen here were taken by Wilfred Go.


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